Can I switch from another provider to YouSet mid-policy?

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Can I switch from another provider to YouSet mid-policy?

Yes, you can switch from your existing insurance provider to YouSet anytime, even if you’re in the middle of a policy.

If you’ve already paid for the full term of your current policy, you can cancel and receive a refund for the remaining unused portion of your premium on a prorated basis.

However, some insurance companies may impose an Early Termination Fee. You can find out whether this applies to your policy by contacting your insurance company directly.


Is it worth it to switch to YouSet mid-policy? 

It certainly can be! However, the decision to switch from another provider to YouSet during your policy term is highly personal and dependent on the cost of the cancellation fee at your existing provider, your individual coverage needs, customer service expectations, and more. What we can tell you, after working with clients in this exact position, is that it usually makes sense to do so if one or more of the following apply:

  • Your existing provider’s premiums are too expensive compared to what YouSet offers
  • Your existing provider doesn’t offer coverage for the things you want to cover, or if they do, it’s at an unreasonably high price
  • Your existing provider continuously causes undue stress and frustration due to their processes, claims handling, or communication
  • Your existing provider doesn’t provide you with the level of customer service you expect and deserve
  • Your existing provider increases the premium at renewal. Given that YouSet is a digital insurance broker, you can effortlessly re-shop and locate another insurance company offering a more favorable price.

While the idea of switching insurance providers mid-policy might appear daunting, the process is actually more straightforward than it seems. So if you believe making the switch could lead to cost savings, improved coverage, and better customer service, then now might be the time to do so. Keep in mind that we can only secure your price for a few days. If you postpone the switch, we cannot ensure the same premium will be available.

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